We only achieve a slow Internet speed when use single shadowsocks.Because the shadowsocks with TCP mode.Well know the TCP mode have three shake hands,but here kcptun with UDP mode.

First:Download kcptun progress and upload to server


wget https://github.com/xtaci/kcptun/releases/download/v20200409/kcptun-linux-amd64-20200409.tar.gz
tar -zvxf kcptun-linux-amd64-20200409.tar.gz

Second:Write kcptun config file

  "listen": ":*****",
  "target": "*****",
  "key": "123456",
  "crypt": "none",
  "mode": "fast3",
  "mtu": 1370,
  "sndwnd": 8192,
  "rcvwnd": 2048,
  "datashard": 10,
  "parityshard": 3,
  "dscp": 0,
  "nocomp": true,
  "quiet": false,
  "pprof": false,
  "tcp": true,
  "sockbuf": 33554433,
  "smuxver": 1,
  "smuxbuf": 33554433

listen: mean kcptun listen port
target: mean transfer to shadowsocks port. represent local server."****" mean shadowsocks' port.
detail parameters:https://github.com/xtaci/kcptun

Third:Run progress

nohup /root/server_linux_amd64 -c /root/kcptun.json &

nohup and & for running background.