SRNTT code 2

SRNTT code 1

Repair maopan(猫盘) LED (Synology)


Use bbr accelerate shadowsocks(TCP)

I introducted kcptun protocol to accelerate from vps to my computer,but how to up speed from other website to our vps?Because kcptun is suit terminal to anther terminal,so we need bbr protocol.

Use udp2raw simulate TCP transfer

Use udp2raw simulate TCP transfer

Synology install offline download----qBittorrent

synology qBittorrent tutorial.

Use kcptun accelerate shadowsocks

We only achieve a slow Internet speed when use single shadowsocks.Because the shadowsocks with TCP mode.Well know the TCP mode have three shake hands,but here kcptun with UDP mode.

Use shadowsocks access Google website

In China,we can not access Google webiste.But we need search some paper form Google,so I recommand shadowsocks to help you.